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    • my friendship

    how to win:

    • read this
    • you won
    • please don’t leave me 

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    do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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  6. I’ll Wait Forever…

    I’ll find someone who won’t wince at my flaws, or the mistakes I’ve made,
    Who won’t make me remember all the bad that I’ve done, someone who won’t want to bite their tongue to the thought of me, or who questions the choices I make.

    I’ll find someone who will love me without restrictions, and who won’t be afraid of the baggage that my mind carries.

    I’ll find someone who takes my bad moods with a grain of salt and someone who will realize that some times I just need to let off a little steam.

    I’ll find someone who won’t pry into the dark corners of who I am and be nothing but afraid of what they’ll find, but I’ll find someone who will let me tell them about those dark corners without feeling like I’m bothering them or pushing them away

    I’ll find someone who’s voice won’t sound bitter when speaking my name, and someone who doesn’t shake and tremble at my quiet moments.
    I understand that finding you will be a struggle, and not only will it be a struggle for you to fight through my darkness and see the blazing fire behind it,

    but it will also a struggle for me, because so many people have left hurtful marks throughout my soul when there should have been nothing but love, and I’m sorry to say that you will have to deal with the mistakes others have made because trust doesn’t come easy to someone with scars.

    I know that the fight to understand and know me may not be worth most peoples time and they will get nothing but tired and frustrated in the fact that I can’t just open up and change who I am, but if you take your time and let me come to you while you are patient and understanding I promise I will come around because luckily not everyone has left a hurtful mark, some have been beautiful impacts that radiate life, and those marks are what keep me from shutting you out forever.

    So if I’m not worth the effort to you I completely understand because even I would never put up the fight for myself, but this is who I am stubborn and scared that the mark you leave on me will be hurtful.

    So all I ask is that if you decide to touch me in some kind of a way, and decide I’m not worth your time, please don’t take it out on me and leave another scar as you walk away, because I’m not sure how many more cuts and bruises my heart and soul can take.

    When I find you and realize who you are the lights in me will be so bright that there won’t be any more dark corners to be afraid of, and that’s a moment I’ll wait forever for.


  7. sassings:

    wish i was witty and cute but instead im sarcastic and annoying

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  12. connotativewords:

    April 22, 2014

    And I think you know just what you do to me.

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  15. …a relationship can be the most intense form of being alone if you’re not careful.